COVID-19 safety policy

I believe that the safety and comfort of music-makers is paramount to their art and their development. The pandemic has impacted me, my session musicians, my suppliers, and my friends that have helped me do business as Chernoff Music. I have a societal obligation to provide a safe, comfortable outlet for music-makers who enter my home. 

I commit to following all updated safety guidelines provided by the British Columbia provincial health officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, in addition to those set forth by the Government of Canada. As of writing, this includes providing access to 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer in my place of business, my home office. Additionally, I use this sanitizer to clean all high-contact surfaces, including but not limited to all musical instruments in the office. 

I also ensure that best practices occur regarding social distancing, including admittance of only one household party of guest(s), student(s), or other professional(s) into the home office at one time. I keep available 2 m of space between these people and between them and myself.

For recording sessions and any other events at 12TH ST Sound, I commit to compliance with, and full support of, the COVID-19 Safety Policy developed in partnership with 12TH ST Sound and DSTNCE Media Inc.

For recording sessions, rehearsals, and other meetings at any other location, in addition to all practices stipulated above, I will communicate and resolve with the supplier(s) and all other professional(s) involved to ensure that we conduct business safely together.


William Chernoff 

Sole Proprietor, Chernoff Music